RESERVE NOW B&B 5 rooms / Holiday home on the farm up to 31 people

Come stay and experience in one or more farm houses …

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Experience the farm: tasting (during breakfast: fresh milk) as well as helping (during the activities with the cows and calves and chickens) and ‘living’ (while sleeping in one of the 5 ‘houses’) …  MOVIE

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Ideal to enjoy with the family or several families together … private cooking / dining / lounge / play areas from 1 to 6 families …


Are you coming with one family? Choose one of the 4 guest rooms where you use the communal kitchen. Choose the Lindehuis (4 persons) or Boerderijhuis (4 persons), the Zomerhuis (6 persons, 1 sleeping place is wheelchair accessible) or the Hooizolder (8 persons). If you want extra comfort, choose the Paardenhuis (2 separate bedrooms and own kitchen, higher price)

Are you coming with 2 or 3 families? Choose the Paardenhuis (up to 9 people) with its own kitchen, spacious lounge and 2 separate bedrooms. Choose an extra guest room when you are with 3 families. You can eat together in the Paardenhuis for up to 10 people.

Are you coming with 4 families? Choose the 4 guest rooms: Lindehuis (up to 4 people), Boerderijhuis (up to 4 people), Summerhouse (up to 6 people) and Hooizolder (up to 8 people). You can make private use of the communal breakfast room with kitchen and lounge or the hall (from 15 people).

Are you coming with 5 or 6 families? Go for the entire accommodation: Het Paardenhuis offers space for 2 families, Boerderijhuis, Lindehuis, Zomerhuis and Hooizolder for another family. You can make private use of the large hall with kitchen, lounge and play area.



On the left you see the ‘hall’ (with kitchen and play area), which is available for private use when staying overnight from 15 people.

In the middle the long white building with 4 duplex guest rooms (Boerderijhuis 4p, Lindehuis 4p, Zomerhuis 6p, Hooizolder 8p) and communal dining and cooking area.

On the right the duplex house with its own kitchen: ’t Paardenhuis 9p (2 bedrooms 4p and 5p)


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This is us: Koen and Leen with our children David, Gabriel and Ruth. We live on the farm and run the farm and the accommodation and activities. Sometimes we get help from others. With part of the proceeds, we support a school in Paraguay, Latin America. This is how we contribute.

We strive to work as ecologically as possible. Leen studied organic farming at Landwijzer. In 2020 we obtained the Green Key for our accommodation (international label for ecological accommodation). We are evolving step by step: with every choice we think about how to go the more ecological way.